Dead Rising Cheats and Codes

Additional time mode

Effectively complete 72 hours in the shopping center and return to the heliport by 12:00 a.m. on the 22nd to open Overtime mode.

Limitless mode

Effectively complete the game with the "valid" finishing to open Unlimited mode.


Go up to the subsequent floor, then, at that point, go to Columbian Roastmasters. Go to the where the money machine is found, then leap out onto the rooftop/edge underneath. Land on the orange shade, then search for the katana.

Submachine firearm

Hop from the steps nearest to you when you start to the blue edge over Kid's Choice Clothing. Continue to follow the walkway past the stuffed bear the entire way to the finish to find the submachine firearm.


In the Food Court, go to the sign with the Italian culinary specialist. Move to its left side, then to the top to track down a Uzi.

Servbot Head re-arrangement reward

In the toy shop, hit the goliath servbot until the swirly eyes are agreed with the miserable face for 10,000 pp.

Extra things

Effectively complete one of the    450 bushmaster ammo    accompanying undertakings to open the comparing thing inside a shopping pack behind the air pipe in the Security Room:

Ammunition Belt: Do not miss with an assault rifle.

Arthur's Boxers: Survive for somewhere around 7 days.

Hockey Mask: Photograph all PP Stickers.

Laser Sword: Survive for something like 5 days.

Shopping center Employee Uniform: Answer all calls from Otis.

Uber Man Boots: Get the genuine consummation without being taken out.

Super Man Tights: Defeat somewhere around 10 insane people.

Detainee Garb: Steal the convicts' vehicle.

Ace Wrestling Boots: Break somewhere around 100 things.

Ace Wrestling Briefs: Defeat somewhere around 1,000 zombies barehanded.

Genuine Mega Buster: Defeat somewhere around 53,594 zombies.

Extraordinary Forces Boots: Defeat a most un-15 maniacs.

Extraordinary Forces Uniform: Repel a helicopter.

White Hat: Photograph somewhere around 50 survivors.

Obscure: Get somewhere around 50 survivors out of the shopping center.

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