Pink Crystals and Gemstones – Kunzite – Stone of the Self

 Pink Crystals and Gemstones - Kunzite - Stone of the Self


Self-discipline, self-awareness, self-expansion are among the many gifts given the unique vibration of Kunzite. It is soft, it is powerful it is self-regulating in intensity, correspond rose toy women  ing to the user for maximum benefit. It is a stone of Unconditional Love, healing deep emotional wounds from days long since past.

It is usually soft lilac-pink or pastel-pink in color, whose crystalline form appears to have many tiny, vertical ridge-like lines which act as conduits, or channels of energy. Kunzite is a powerful healing stone, calming the heart, softening emotional pain of heartbreak and rejection. It will cause you to expand your connection to the Infinite Source of Love and Light, Diving Source Energy; clearing your connection with your inner-Self, your core essence, the seat of your emotional existence.

This gemstone integrates, if you are open and willing to undergo such an emotional transformation, the Throat, Heart and Third Eye Chakra energy centers. Be willing to release blockages in your Throat Chakra, enabling you to speak more lovingly to yourself and to others, encouraging Heart Chakra healing at its very core, empowering you to see beyond pain and sorrow through your Third Eye.

Be compassionate first with yourself as you work with Kunzite. It will, in time empower you to focus on loving thoughts, communicating with softer words and tone of voice, which in turn increases self-love, self acceptance. Love is an incredibly purifying energy, penetrating deep into your physical and emotional body at the cellular level. It is possible to begin experiencing peacefulness within a very short time.

When used during mediation, Kunzite will center the physical body, assisting alignment of the Heart and Throat Chakras one with the other, in seamless unison. It will amplify a sense of emotional equilibrium.

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