TrueCrypt: How to Encrypt Your System Drive in a Multi-Boot Configuration

TrueCrypt: How to Encrypt Your System Drive in a Multi-Boot Configuration

Numerous clients are utilizing TrueCrypt to encode their hard drive information. In the event that your PC has touchy data, utilizing a hard drive encryption device is fundamental. In the event that your PC has only one working framework and just a single parcel, the course of hard drive encryption is somewhat simple. Be that as it may, in office conditions, there are numerous such PCs where PC's hard drive utilizes multi-boot arrangement. Involving this device in such a confounded situation is troublesome. In this article, you will peruse how to encode your framework drive with TrueCrypt in a multi-boot setup.


Before you start with this Windows BitLocker Encryption  strategy, you want to have a clear CD. On this CD, you will copy the TrueCrypt salvage circle. It is compulsory to make this circle as you want it to encode your drive.

How to Encrypt the System Partition?

• Introduce the instrument and run it.

• Press 'Make Volume.'

• Presently, the Volume Creation wizard will open up.

• Here, you want to choose the segment or drive you need to encode.

• Here, you can either choose "Encode the framework segment" or "Whole framework drive."

• Then, press 'Next.'

• In the following screen, you need to choose the kind of encryption you need to perform. Here, you can choose 'Ordinary' as it turns out great for most clients.

• Then, at that point, press 'Next.'

• In the following screen, you really want to choose the region of the hard drive that you need to encode.

• Here, choosing the 'encode the Windows framework parcel' is the most ideal decision, if you are scrambling the nearby drive where Windows gets introduced. In the event that you pick 'Scramble the entire drive', the entire hard drive and every one of its allotments will get encoded.

• Select your favored choice and press 'Next.'

• In the following screen, you really want to choose the quantity of working frameworks on your PC. Here, select Multi-boot.

• Then, press 'Next.'

• Then, press 'Yes' to proceed.

• In the following screen, click 'Yes' in the event that the working framework you are encoding is introduced on the boot drive. In any case, click 'No.' However, for the majority of the cases it is 'Yes.'

• Then, press 'Next.'

• In the following screen, select the choice "at least 2" as here you are performing multi-boot arrangement.

• Then, press 'Next.'

• In the following screen, select 'Yes,' assuming that Windows is the main working framework introduced on your hard drive. In any case, select 'No.'

• Then, press 'Next.'

• In the following screen, press 'yes,' in the event that you have a Linux establishment in your multi-boot arrangement. In the event that you have just Windows establishment, select 'No.'

• Then, at that point, press 'Next.'

• In the following screen, pick the calculation of your inclination, then, at that point, press 'Next.'

• Then, at that point, set a secret key. Ensure secret phrase has somewhere around 20 characters.

• Type your secret phrase twice and afterward press 'Next.'

• Over the encryption window, move your mouse for something like 30 seconds, and afterward press 'Next.'

• Then, you will see a message that your keys have produced. Then, press 'Next.'

• Presently, the instrument will make a salvage circle that you can use at the hour of issues. Determine an area for this salvage circle, and afterward press 'Next.'

• Presently, utilizing the Windows Disk Image Burner, the recuperation plate will get made. (Adhere to the guidelines of the wizard)

• After the recuperation circle gets made, Windows Disk Image Burner will consequently discharge out.

• Presently, embed the plate once again into the drive

• The Volume Creation Wizard will proceed, here, press 'Close' to check the consumed plate.

• In the event that the check is fruitful, press 'Next.'

• In the following screen, pick the 'Wipe mode,' and afterward press 'Next.'

• Presently, restart your PC by squeezing 'Yes.'

• Windows will boot up. Presently, enter the secret phrase that you had made in the previous advances.

• The encryption wizard will show up back to illuminate you that the pre-test has finished.

• Then, at that point, at long last, press 'Scramble' and that will begin the encryption interaction.

• The encryption interaction will take some time. Notwithstanding, you can keep utilizing your PC while the encryption cycle is going on.

• Once, the cycle gets total you will receive a message with respect to it

• Then, at that point, press 'Finish.'

• The scrambled framework parcel will get apparent in the TrueCrypt window.


Playing out the hard drive encryption in a multi-boot design is an extended and precarious cycle. Notwithstanding, with this article you ought to have the option to play out the means yet you will require congruity. In any case, in regards to this hard drive encryption programming, you ought to know that this hard drive encryption programming is not any more a functioning programming. That implies the product is not any more under the upkeep of its designers. Accordingly, programming isn't getting any security refreshes. The engineers of this instrument are not responsible about TrueCrypt security. On the off chance that you are utilizing this instrument, that is totally at your gamble.

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